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Plastic Maternal and Infant Industry Taizhou This Why Such a Cattle

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On November 27, the sixth edition of this newspaper, "Plastic Mould Industry, Huangyan takes the right to speak" mentioned that the plastic mould industry in Huangyan has become one of the local characteristic industries, and gradually grasped the right to speak of industry standards in China.

According to relevant statistics, at present, Huangyan has more than 6300 moulding and related supporting enterprises, with an annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan. From button caps to bumpers and super-large plastic caissons, the types of moulding produced by Huangyan cover all aspects of life.

Do you know? Depending on the location advantages of Taizhou's "hometown of moulds" and "plastic kingdom", some maternal and infant products regarded as "high-quality" are also one of the main products of Huangyan moulds enterprises. With the efforts of these enterprises, Taizhou's maternal and infant products have gone out of Zhejiang, into the whole country and into all parts of the world.

Continuous upgrading of raw materials to cope with changes in market demand

As one of the leading plastics maternal and infant industries in Taizhou, Zhejiang Rikang Infant Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rikang") has 370 employees. It produces more than 200 kinds of plastics maternal and infant products, and the products are sold at home and abroad.

Speaking of how to enter the market of plastic maternal and infant products, founder Hong Limin laughed that it was "a bit accidental".

Put the time indicator back to 1993, that year, Hong Limin had his own children, just as a father, Hong Limin always wanted to buy the best for his children. When choosing a bottle for a baby, he found that a bottle costs five or six yuan, while a basin of the same material costs only one or two yuan.

"At that time, I found that the added value of plastic bottles is very high, but the production is not complicated, with equipment on the line." Hong Limin said, "At that time, there were not many companies producing milk bottles in Huangyan. There were only two or three companies. They all produced milk bottles in imitation of foreign ones."

With a keen commercial acumen to the market, Hong Limin feels that the plastic mother-to-child market is promising. After three years of market research, Hong Limin started to produce milk bottles. In 1996, one or two equipments and 67 people gave birth to Rikang's predecessor.

At the beginning of Rikang's birth, Hong Limin was thinking about how to make a name and seize the market. In the previous market research, Hong Limin found that many foreign brands used PC (polycarbonate) materials to produce milk bottles, while Taizhou produced milk bottles at this time, using PVC (polyvinyl chloride) materials. "The milk bottle made of PVC is not resistant to high temperature and easy to deform when disinfected, while the milk bottle made of PC material. The bottle body is clear and high temperature resistant. Hong Limin told reporters that after comparing the advantages and disadvantages of these two materials, he began to try to use PC materials in production, and Rikang became the first company to produce PC milk bottles in Taizhou at that time.

However, when Rikang was first listed, it was not as popular as Hong Limin thought. "At first, consumers were not familiar with what a PC bottle was and were afraid to buy it. Plus, PC bottles are more expensive than PVC bottles, which makes some consumers less enthusiastic about buying them. Hong Limin said that at that time, the wholesale unit price of PC bottles produced by Rikang was one or two yuan, while the wholesale unit price of PVC bottles was seven or eight cents.

Until 2011, more and more PC bottles were on the market, and the market acceptance of these products was getting higher and higher. Rikang's PC bottles are gradually accepted by the market.

However, with the outbreak of Bisphenol A in 2011, PC bottles are once again at the bottom of the market. That year, some experts suggested that BPA might induce precocious puberty and not be suitable for bottle production. At this time, PC bottle materials on the surface of Taizhou City are synthesized with bisphenol A, because of this, Taizhou bottle production enterprises suffered a heavy blow. It was also in that year that Rikang recalled millions of PC bottles, losing nearly 8 million yuan. Since then, Rikang has been more cautious in the choice of raw materials, and began to use up to 200,000 tons of PPSU (polyphenylene sulfoxide resin) materials to make milk bottles.

Strengthen independent research and development, occupy the market with hard products

The products are of high quality, large-scale enterprises, and exported to home and abroad. Under the leadership of Hong Limin, Rikang is developing step by step. However, when it comes to the power of Rikang, Hong Limin calls for "pressure mountain".

What is this situation? In this regard, Hong Limin introduced that, like other plastic commodity enterprises in Huangyan, the disorder of the mother and child market in recent years has greatly restricted the development of Rikang.

Originally, in recent years, Huangyan Plastic Maternal and Child Supplies Company has increased from the first few to the present twenty or thirty. "There are about 16 million to 18 million babies born every year in our country. The cake in the domestic mother-to-child market is so big that it is not enough." Hong Limin drew a comparison and went on to say, "Before, in the protection of product patents, everyone did not have a concept. Many enterprises did not follow the rules to license, copy products, and then sell at a lower price after production. These enterprises do not need to invest in R&D funds, low cost, product prices are naturally low. This has brought a lot of influence to those of us who insist on independent research and development.

Hong Limin told reporters that original enterprises pay attention to product development, and invest more in R&D funds. The appearance of Shanzhai products on the market not only infringes the intellectual property rights of original enterprises, but also reduces the profit margin of original enterprises. Moreover, the quality of these low-priced Shanzhai products is difficult to guarantee, and it also damages the reputation of domestic plastic mother-to-child commodities, making it difficult for domestic plastic mother-to-child brands to survive in the international arena.

"Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to intellectual property rights.