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On Dec. 6, Huafeng Super Fiber rose 6.5% in the plastic industry as a whole, down 0.57%

Time:2018-12-10 00:00:00    Hits:278

Tencent Securities News Dec. 6, today morning, Huafeng Super Fiber (300180) rose 6.5%, to 11.80 yuan, turnover of 50.72 million yuan, turnover rate of 0.65%, amplitude of 6.41%, volume ratio of 4.53.

Huafeng Super Fiber in the plastic industry, the overall decline of 0.57%. The leading stock was Juint Nanjing (300644), and the leading stock was Dewey New Materials (300325).

In terms of capital, Huafeng Superfine has inflowed 25.332 million yuan in the past five days. Today, the main capital is in a net inflow state, with a net inflow of 32.588 million yuan.

The latest quarterly report of 2018 shows that the company has realized business income of 2.273 billion yuan, net profit of 277 million yuan, earnings per share of 0.24 yuan, P/E ratio of 38.01.

The company has not yet had an institutional rating.

Huafeng Superfibre's main business is the production and sales of superfibre materials, mobile payment software services. The latest periodic report shows that the number of shareholders (households) of the company is 7379.00, an increase of 2.24% over the previous reporting period.