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Recycled plastics market is becoming increasingly competitive in prosperous industries

Time:2018-12-10 00:00:00    Hits:236

The development of plastic industry brings convenience to human social life and production, but also leads to a large number of waste plastic garbage. Waste plastics are difficult to degrade, and their impact on the environment is becoming more and more obvious. It is urgent to deal with them correctly. Especially in recent years, the state has been actively promoting environmental protection management. We should take strict precautions against enterprise sewage and garbage disposal, and the plastic industry is the focus of environmental protection.

In addition, the state's strict control over the import of "foreign garbage" shows that the country is ready to take the road of sustainable development, and also firmly determined to protect the environment. In such an environment, the plight of the plastic industry can be imagined, but as a member of the plastic industry, the development prospects of recycled plastics industry are favored by many people.

In 2017, the plastics industry in China was affected by environmental protection and structural reform of supply side. The order of plastics products was transferred to large and medium-sized enterprises, and the number of small-scale enterprises, especially family workshop-type enterprises, declined significantly. In 2017, the domestic recycling of waste plastics was 16.93 million tons, down 1.85 million tons from 18.78 million tons in 2016, a decrease of 9.9%. But thanks to the current situation of the waste plastics market in short supply and demand, the price of waste plastics continues to rise. The total value of waste plastics recycling in China is 108.1 billion yuan, which is still 12.9% higher than that in 2016. Meanwhile, the overall profitability of waste plastics industry has increased compared with 2016, and the profitability of some products has increased by 50% - 60%.