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Modified plastics industry has huge market demand and promising future prospects

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Modified plastics refer to plastics which are processed and modified on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics by means of filling, blending and reinforcing to improve their flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance and toughness.

Modified plastics are intermediate products in petrochemical industry chain. They are mainly made of five general plastics and five engineering plastics. They are flame retardant, impact resistant, high toughness and easy to process. Modified plastics is a typical industry benefiting from technological progress and consumption upgrading. Thanks to the accelerated transfer of global production capacity of household appliances, computers, electric tools and toys to China, China has become a major manufacturing country in these fields, relying on its cost advantages in terms of labor force and other factors of production, thereby promoting domestic modification. Development of plastics industry. Consumption upgrading has brought China's automotive and construction industries into a period of rapid growth. With the continuous improvement of material performance requirements, China is becoming the largest potential market and the main driving force of demand growth for modified plastics in the world.

Modified plastics industry has developed rapidly in China, with annual average growth of output and apparent consumption reaching 20% and 15% respectively. The total annual demand for modified plastics in China is about 5 million tons, accounting for about 10% of the total plastic consumption, but it is still far below the world average level of 20%. In addition, China's per capita plastic consumption is still far behind that of the developed countries in the world. As an index to measure the development level of a country's plastic industry, the ratio of plastic to steel in China is only 30:70, which is less than the average 50:50 in the world, and far less than that in developed countries such as America's 70:30 and Germany's 63:37.

With the rapid improvement of people's living standards and the progress of technological means, it will become a trend to replace steel with plastic and wood with plastic. Modified plastics industry, as a sub-industry with fast development and great potential in the plastic processing industry, is expected to maintain an overall market demand growth rate of more than 10% in the next five years.

The overall development level of modified plastics industry in China is relatively low. The production scale of enterprises in the industry is generally small. The market situation of products also shows that there are many primary products, the quality of intermediate products is unstable, and the lack of advanced products. It is far from meeting the needs of economic development in China in the 21st century. Therefore, as an important part of the field of new chemical materials, modified plastics have also been listed as one of the key areas of science and technology. Since 2007, China has issued various policies to promote the development of modified plastics industry.

Modified plastics have been listed as one of the key scientific and technological fields in China. Since 2007, China has issued various policies to promote the development of modified plastics industry. The automobile and household appliances industries are the hot spots in the development of modified plastics, accounting for more than 50%.

The application of plastics in automotive industry began in the 1950s and has a history of more than 50 years. With the development of automobile toward lightweight and energy-saving, higher requirements are put forward for materials. Since 1 kg plastics can replace 2-3 kg steel and other heavier materials, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 6-8% for every 10% drop in automobile weight. Therefore, increasing the dosage of modified plastics in automobiles can reduce the cost and weight of the whole vehicle, and achieve energy-saving effect.

The market of modified plastics for household appliances in China is mainly occupied by foreign enterprises, while the domestic modified plastics enterprises occupy less than 1/3 of the market share. Because the products of domestic enterprises are mostly confined to the level of low technology content and low standards, the pioneering ability of those areas with high performance demand is obviously insufficient.

The downstream of modified plastics is mainly in the automobile and household appliances industries, accounting for more than 50%. Since 2008, home appliances going to the countryside, replacing old ones with new ones and the introduction of preferential policies for automobiles have greatly promoted the development of the industry. In addition, the policy orientation of energy saving and emission reduction has also promoted automobile enterprises to reduce the weight of automobiles and achieve energy saving and emission reduction, which greatly promoted the development of the modified plastic industry.

With the rapid improvement of people's living standards and the progress of technological means, it will become a trend to replace wood with plastic instead of steel in China.

Modified plastics is a field of plastics industry which involves a wide range of fields, has high scientific and technological content and can create huge economic benefits. And plastic modification technology - filling, blending and strengthening modification is in-depth processing of raw materials and moulding of almost all plastic products. From the production of raw resin to the modification of plastic masterbatches of various specifications and varieties, in order to reduce the cost of plastic products and improve their functionality, plastic modification technology is indispensable.

In recent years, with the continuous development of high-tech, modified plastics are gradually becoming the focus of the development of high-tech and new materials in China. The state has taken it as a priority development project and formulated a series of supporting policies. In the future, China's modified plastics enterprises should work hard on high performance, low cost and green environmental protection.