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City Green Energy-saving Service Plastic Industry Site Meeting Held in Cang

Time:2018-12-10 00:00:00    Hits:253

Nov. 30, news: "Our company has successfully adopted recycling water-saving methods, as well as material-saving methods with 99% recycling rate of waste silk and bag granulation and re-drawing. At the same time, we have vigorously implemented energy-saving work to reduce energy consumption, and have come out of the successful way to create green energy-saving enterprises." At the Wenzhou green energy-saving service plastics industry meeting held yesterday, Zhejiang Haiwei Packaging Co., Ltd. has received much attention for its typical energy-saving case of "practicing energy-saving, reducing consumption and enhancing competitive advantage".

Haiwei Packaging is a plastic knitting enterprise specializing in producing plastic textile bags and color printing composite bags in our county. It has 12 patents. Enterprises strive to promote sustainable development, pay close attention to the application results of energy-saving fields in the same industry at home and abroad, and strive to explore the application of new materials and technologies in plastic knitting industry, so as to reduce energy consumption. Through a series of repeated experiments, a large number of data are obtained, resulting in obvious energy-saving effect. Li Linai, general manager of the company, said that after choosing Cangnan Zhonghua rare earth permanent magnet motor, a circular loom saved 7.36 degrees of electricity a day. According to 330 days a year, a circular loom saved 2428.8 degrees of electricity a year, and 203 circular looms of the company saved 493046 degrees of electricity a year. Through energy-saving technological transformation, enterprises can effectively reduce production costs, but also greatly improve the product quality rate.

Our county is a big energy-using county, and the total energy consumption of the whole society ranks in the top three of the city. The electricity consumption of textile, plastic products and printing occupies 70% of the industrial electricity consumption. The task of energy conservation is arduous. It is understood that our county actively implements the "dual control of energy" requirements, multi-pronged, focusing on key industries and key areas of energy conservation and consumption reduction. Strictly implement the regional energy evaluation system and conduct energy evaluation and inspection in six regions such as Cangnan Industrial Park; actively promote cleaner production, through the cleaner production acceptance and acceptance of 10 enterprises, create a province green enterprise, declare 16 provincial water-saving enterprises; actively implement the differentiated electricity price policy, this year, more than 600 enterprises under category D regulations have been implemented differentially. Chemicals electricity price, the county's energy conservation and consumption reduction work has achieved certain results.