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1. ?ccept the 3 d dr?wi?gs, s?mples, 2 d dr?wi?gs; ?ccordi?g to customer requireme?ts ??d i?SoeXC? comp??y st??d?rds to develop mold
2. Se?t to the customer 3 d mold dr?wi?gs for i?spectio? ??d co?firm?tio?
3. ?fter co?firmed by the customer i? the mold desig?, mould processi?g will be c?rried out i? progress tr?cki?g i?SoeXC? co., LTD
4. Mold compo?e?ts such ?s required ??d prep?re to order
5. Productio? dep?rtme?t beg?? to processi?g
6. Check the mold ??d ?ssembly system
7. The first mold test, ??d se?d the det?iled report to the customer
8. Qu?lity m???geme?t, check the mold ?ssembly, etc., ??d co?firm the i?spectio? report
9. ?rr??ge delivery